Vet Serving South Shore, Quincy, and Boston Offers Personalized Service and Care

A reliable vet should be talented, experienced and infused with compassion for your pet. At Willard Veterinary Clinic, we dedicate our practice to meeting the critical need for top quality care while remaining accessible asbulldog with stethoscope_transparent your local veterinarians. Whether you live in Quincy, Milton, or any neighboring South Shore community, your pet will receive the attention they need from a vet that offers the high quality service you expect. We always have a vet on staff six days per week and have appointment times in the evening and on Saturdays to accommodate any busy schedule. In addition to our extended hours, we have a computerized appointment scheduling system to help us keep our commitment to be available to treat your pet when your schedule permits. Our vet clinic offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you manage your pet’s health throughout their life.

Small Animal Preventative Care

Our preventative care programs are essential to your pet’s health as well as reducing the incidences of zoonosis (infectious diseases transmitted from animals to humans). As any experienced vet should, we diligently encourage awareness and prevention. Preventative care services include:

• Annual exams
• Protective vaccinations
• Heartworm prevention
• Internal parasite testing and elimination
• Identification implants using microchips
• Zoonosis Identification and prevention

General Medical Outpatient Care

Our preventative screenings are thorough and as accurate as possible. We focus on:

goldenretrieverpup w_vet stethoscope• Internal medicine
• Diagnostic testing
• Blood pressure monitoring
• Endocrinology diagnostics
• Diabetes monitoring
• Dermatology Preventative Healthcare
• Allergy testing and treatment

Our diagnostic services target internal issues, like pet cancer and other chronic or menacing diseases. Once diagnosed, your vet can help you determine an appropriate treatment plan for your pet.

Pet Surgery

At Willard Veterinary Clinic we have excellent surgical capabilities and experience. We do top quality spay and neuter surgeries. Whether you think of us as a puppy and kitten vet or just your local veterinarians our veterinarians are highly experienced.

cat surgery• Spay and neuter surgeries remain the most common
• We excel at ensuring your pet’s comfort and quick recovery
• Skilled general soft tissue surgery
• Orthopedic procedures


Geriatric Pet Care

Geriatric care has advanced in recent years. Quality of life is a major goal of ours and we can customize plans for your pet to ensure they are happy and healthy in their geriatric years.

SeniorGoldenRetriever• Pet cancer treatment
• Glaucoma testing
• Pain assessment and minimization
• Geriatric counseling
• Create an older pet preventative care program


Pet Nutrition

Our veterinarians have long advocated healthy diet and nutrition plans. These are just as important as spay and neuter services.

cat eating dry food300x199• Weight management
• Sensitivity diets
• Allergy
• Nutraceutical
• Vitamin plans
• Special diet for diabetes, kidney or liver disease

Dental Care

At our vet clinic, we firmly believe in the importance of good pet dental hygiene as a contributing factor to the overall health of a pet. Our local veterinarians provide professional pet dental care and are available to offer advice on home dental care. Your pet can receive extensive dental services at our vet clinic, including cleaning, root planning, and extractions. We also offer gingivectormy,  intraoral X-rays, and intraoral closeup dog teethphotography for diagnostics. Whether you live in Quincy, Milton, or anywhere else on the South Shore, you will find the reliable vet you need here at Willard Veterinary Clinic.  If you have been searching for a quality vet in Quincy who is understanding and compassionate, look no further and contact us today for an appointment.

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