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Senior Pet Care

South Shore Animal Clinic Provides Geriatric Pet Care

Older pets are more at risk for specific geriatric conditions and ailments, and Willard Veterinary Clinic, provides testing and treatment for diseases of aging as part of our geriatric pet services. Our Milton and Quincy animal clinic is a reliable vet on the South Shore for all stages of a pet’s life with specific treatments and wellness programs for each. Our dog and cat vet geriatric services include glaucoma testing, pain assessment and end of life counseling.

Pet Services for Older Animals Include Glaucoma Testing, Pain Assessment and End of Life Counseling

Glaucoma is a risk in older pets, and our reliable vet has the equipment and experience to diagnose the condition. Glaucoma is caused by the accumulation or decreased drainage of fluids in the eye, which results in increased pressure and, if left untreated, can eventually lead to blindness. Our dog and cat vet’s glaucoma testing consists of measuring the intraocular pressure, or IOP, of each eye using a handheld instrument called a tonometer. The procedure is painless and very quick.

As pets become less mobile in their geriatric stages, pain assessment is another important pet service offered at our animal clinic. Our South Shore veterinarian’s pain assessment helps determine the amount of pain an older animal may be feeling and how greatly the pain affects the pet’s quality of life. Working with the owner’s observations, the vet will design a multi-pronged approach tailored to each patient, including nutrition, medications and moderate exercise. Signs of pain can include painful moans or panting when an animal is moving, the avoidance of activity and an inability to climb inclines or stairs. Other indications that are helpful in determining the pain levels and quality of life in a pet include the ability to walk and run, how stiff and capable the animal is when getting up from a sitting or lying position and how active and interested in play the animal is. In most cases, our veterinary team will be able to provide treatment or medication to help alleviate pain and improve the quality of life, although that is not always the case for geriatric animals.

When a pet’s pain assessment is extremely high and the quality of life extremely low, our reliable vet can also advise on end of life counseling. Signs that pets may be nearing the end of their lives include the inability to perform daily functions, not eating or drinking, acute and obvious suffering or even a change in personality that transforms a once lovable pet into an aggressive animal that no longer enjoys affection. The veterinarian can perform a full examination and evaluation of a pet’s health and behaviors, explain possible treatments and their outcomes as well as advise on complications or longer term problems that may arise. Although the vet provides counseling, any final decisions are always one made by pet owners. Our end of life counseling can also include advising on pet grief support groups in the South Shore, Milton and Quincy areas.

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