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Outpatient Care

Quincy Veterinarian Offers General Medical Outpatient Care

When you want to find a vet you can trust for your Quincy, Milton, or South Shore pet, Willard Veterinary Clinic is a superior choice. Along with preventative health care, tailored life stage risk assessment, pediatric, juvenile, adult, senior and geriatric care, and many surgical and pet dental services, we offer outstanding general medical outpatient care.

Find a Vet in Quincy That Offers the Quality Outpatient Care You Want

If your pet lives in Milton or another South Shore community, our clinic offers the quality pet services you deserve. Spiced with compassion for all pets, our cat and dog clinic staff treat our patients as if they were their own. From pet vaccinations to internal medicine and diagnostics, we use the latest technology to keep our patients healthy.

We Offer the Following Outpatient Pet Services:

Internal medicine: Our pet family members cannot tell us “where it hurts,” so we must hone our internal medicine expertise. From prescribing the safest and most effective pet meds to creating individualized treatment recommendations, we offer current and evidence based internal medicine treatment.

Diagnostic Testing:While internal issues and symptoms of pain are troubling, we use technology and experience to correctly diagnose all pet medical issues. Cutting edge diagnostic testing allows us to prescribe the best pet meds and help return your treasured pet to good health.

Diabetes Monitoring:Our cat and dog clinic evaluates diabetes very seriously. Just as with humans, diligent diabetes monitoring and consistent treatment can achieve a high quality of life for those enduring this chronic condition. We offer diabetes seminars for a better understanding of treating your diabetic pets.

Endocrinology Testing and Treatment: When trying to find a vet who understands the endocrine system and the common hormone imbalances that causes disease, consider our clinic. Endocrinology testing and using proper pet meds to alleviate problems requires reliable evaluation procedures and balanced treatment.

Blood Pressure Monitoring: High blood pressure (hypertension) can cause serious problems, including seizures, blindness and hemorrhaging. Causes of systemic hypertension in cats and dogs include heart disease, thyroid illness, chronic kidney disease, obesity as well as unknown conditions. We will monitor your pet’s blood pressure to keep your pet healthy and treat it if necessary.

Dermatology Care:Dermatology issues, can be outward indicators of major metabolic health problems. The skin is the largest organ. Even less serious skin-related abnormalities can make your pet very uncomfortable. We will prescribe the most effective pet meds, including topical products when possible, to keep your pet’s skin clear and healthy.

Allergy Testing and Treatment:Your pet may have allergy issues like many humans. We sometimes use allergy testing and allergy serum vaccination along with dietary plans to keep your pet allergy-symptom free. They can become as uncomfortable as people. Sometimes, skin tumors or non-healing wounds can be life-threatening, such as mast cell tumors, squamous cell carcinomas or melanomas. We can test for and successfully reduce symptoms for most known allergies affecting pets.

House Breaking Advice: Having a properly house-trained pet is important. Should a patient experience problems, we can offer proven advice to diagnose and treat the underlying problem before a chronic issue develops.

For more information about any of our services, please call 617.773.6565 or contact us online today!

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