Willard Vet’s Tips for Pilling Your Dog

With very few exceptions, dogs don’t like to take pills. But if your canine pal needs medication to get well, you’ve got to find a way to get it into his or her stomach. Willard Vet has a few tips if you find yourself in this challenging situation.

Hide it in food. Dogs may not like medication-filled capsules, but they do love food. Push the pill into a small section of hot dog or hide it in some cheese, and your dog should be none the wiser.

Use a pill pocket. These are commercially available treats with a pill-sized indentation in the top. Simply place the pill in the pocket, fold it up, and offer it to your dog.

Direct pilling. Some dogs can’t be fooled by pill-filled treats, so you have to give them the pill directly. To do this, grasp the upper jaw, then gently pull down the lower jaw and place the pill as far back on the tongue as possible. If necessary, rub the dog’s throat to aid in swallowing. Generally speaking, if the dog sticks his or her tongue out after pilling, he or she has swallowed the pill.

Pill gun. If your dog is aggressive and you’re worried about being bitten during direct pilling, a pill gun – a long plastic tube with a clamp on the end to hold and release the pill – can perform a direct pilling with minimal danger from biting.

For more information, and to see demonstrations of all these methods, please check out ourHow to Pill Your Dog video on our YouTube channel!

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