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Digital Radiology

In-House Radiology Improves Diagnosis and Treatment Process

When your pet is sick or injured, proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment is essential. The ability to see inside your pet to determine what is wrong has just become faster and more accurate, helping to alleviate his or her suffering faster. Here at Willard Veterinary Clinic in Quincy, we have in-house digital radiology equipment with access to veterinary experts, who can read the x-rays so that a diagnosis can be reached quickly and your pet can be treated effectively. This is especially important when your pet is having either routine or unplanned surgery. Because our x-rays are digital they can be emailed to veterinary radiologists any time of day or night and receive stat or standard 4 hour reports. Often we can take review those images and then provide the essential pet services your pets needs to recover more quickly.

Advanced Radiology Services Enhance Our Pet Services

There are several reasons why your pet may need an x-ray. If your pet is injured in an accident, has swallowed an object, or is struggling with an unknown illness or cause of pain, radiology can help us whittle down directly to the cause of the pain or discomfort. Being able to quickly ascertain what the problem is can literally save precious time and money when a pet is in trouble and help us determine which pet services would be the most beneficial to your pet. We commonly use our radiology services before surgery, to evaluate the heart and lungs or look for cancer metastasis. This gives our veterinarian the information necessary to perform a precise procedure in good time for the benefit of your pet.

We also use digital radiology (x-rays) for pet dental procedures. Willard Veterinary Clinic is unique in the level of dental care we are able to provide, and it all starts with high-definition x-rays to determine the health of your pet’s teeth and their roots. These dental diagnostic tools enable us to decide if we can save or should extract a tooth preventing the need to re-anesthetize the pet face the problem again in 6 months. Other clinics are unable to provide services such as subgingival ultrasonic scaling with fine periodontal tips, gingivectomies and root planing, in order to provide high quality cleaning and polishing of the teeth. The digital dental radiology also emits far less radiation than traditional x-rays, so it is both more precise and less risky.

Our state of the art digital radiography benefits our patients in several ways. Digital radiography speeds up radiography studies by sparing us from developing radiographs (x-rays) in a dark room with chemical developer and fixative. Instead the x-rays appear on a computer monitor in less than 30 seconds. These x-rays have superior resolution and require less radiation. We can quickly take additional views and zoom in on specific areas of interest while being less stressful for the pet.

Hence, we can institute appropriate treatment and therapy earlier which ultimately will save the owners worry and money. Next we email our studies to board certified veterinary radiologists along with the patients’ history and lab work, who can confirm and add to our diagnosis and usually within 4 hours. We can also burn a CD or email copies of the x-rays for the owner to bring to a specialist if required. Providing the owner with accurate timely information can help the owner make the right decisions to best serve their pet. Every decision we make is based on the safety and good health of your pet.

Our in-house radiology services make it possible for us to provide quick, precise veterinary help, no matter what your pet is going through. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call 617.773.6565. We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping your pet recover quickly!

As technology leads us into the future and improves our lives, diagnostic imaging is no exception. Digital radiology gives our practice the ability to diagnose conditions almost on the spot. This allows us to treat conditions faster and more effectively.

In the old days, a technician spent a considerable amount of time carefully positioning the x-ray machine and the pet to get just the right view of the area to be diagnosed. The x-ray films were then processed through a lab and sent back to our practice for viewing. A light box was necessary to view the films and we had only the naked eye to examine them. If perhaps the image was poor or blurry, we retook the x-rays and the whole process began again.

With today’s most current digital radiography, our practice takes the x-ray image on advanced machinery which sends it directly to digital x-ray sensors for storage and display on a computer. There is no lag time and no waiting for films to process at a separate lab. This means if the exposure is poor or if Fluffy moved a little bit, we can see the flaws immediately and retake the x-ray right then and there. We can also share the image digitally instead of sending large films out through the mail.

Like most digital images, our practice can easily enhance the digital x-ray image on the computer. We can zoom in, or change the contrast and brightness for better viewing. Plus a digital x-ray technology creates a much clearer and detailed image than traditional x-rays. In identifying and analyzing changes of an ongoing condition that requires a series of images, our practice can utilize computer programs to assist us.

Our practice uses digital radiology both for dental purposes and for your pet’s whole body. Dental digital radiology allows our practice to view the internal anatomy of the teeth including the roots and surrounding bone. In the rest of your pet’s body, digital x-rays can help us identify a fractured bone, or degeneration in a joint as well as sometimes identify foreign objects inside your pet’s body. An added bonus to digital radiology is the fact that it emits less radiation than traditional radiology.

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