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Skin Care

Pet Skin Care at Our Cat and Dog Clinic

Humans are not the only creatures who develop skin problems, some of which can prove deadly if untreated. Our animal clinic in Quincy sees many pets who suffer from uncomfortable or threatening skin conditions. Fortunately, our pet vet can provide the skilled diagnosis and treatment necessary to restore your pet’s skin to health.

All sorts of stimuli can irritate or infect an animal’s skin. Anyone who has seen a pest-ridden dog or cat scratching obsessively knows that flea bites can cause an itchy reaction. Mites are another common pest that can take up residence on your pet and cause itching, especially in the ears. Scratching, licking or biting the affected area makes matters worse, because the skin grows even more inflamed and may even form an open wound for bacteria to enter. Allergic reactions, not only to common skin irritants but also to certain foods, can create reddened, itchy or flaky spots on the skin.

Some skin problems also cause loss of hair in addition to the itching and inflammation mentioned above. A fungus known as ringworm is easy to identify because it leaves ring-shaped bald spots or skin lesions on your pet. Other causes of hair loss, such as sarcoptic mange, are caused by mites but closely resemble allergic reactions. Our veterinarian in Milton can run tests to diagnose your pet’s specific problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Skin tumors, whether malignant or benign, can also afflict your pet. These usually feel like lumps on your pet’s body and are typically removed for biopsy. Regular wellness evaluations a grooming make it easier to find these tumors early.

Talk to Our Animal Clinic in Quincy About Pet Skin Care

Regular checkups allow our veterinarian to examine your pet to possibly catch skin conditions in their early stages before they cause too much damage or worsen into a more complicated health condition. If you need a veterinarian in Milton, Quincy or South Shore to ensure your pet’s health inside and out, contact our cat and dog clinic today. From preventative wellness to tumor removal, we want to keep your pet in the best health possible.

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