You’re a Big, Dumb Cat

Have you ever wondered what cats make of us? Of course we are the bringers of food and water, and the purveyors of affection, and the cleaners of cat boxes, but do they think of us as a completely different species, or are we all one big happy family?

That’s a question that anthrozoologist John Bradshaw set out answer. He’s been studying cats for 30 years, and his conclusions are somewhat less than flattering: he believes that our feline friends see us as big, dumb, non-hostile, mama cats.

It’s no secret that we’ve been trying to figure out cats for a while — why they suddenly need to get to another room at full speed, why they’re endlessly fascinated with that red dot. Hell, we don’t even fully understand the purring mechanism yet. But as it turns out, cats have been trying to figure us out as well. Why don’t we join in the chase for rodents? Why aren’t we impressed with gifts of dead birds? Why don’t we always land gracefully on our feet?

And now we have a pretty good idea. To cats, we’re cats — just not very good ones. According to Bradshaw, our lack of a coat, whiskers, or a tail still doesn’t bring up the idea that we may be a separate species in the mind of a cat.

All that rubbing that cats do? While it could be a sign of love, it could also be your cat begging a house cat the size of a lion not to eat them.
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