Taking the Stress Out of Taking Your Cat to the Vet


We understand that taking your cat to the vet is often much more difficult than taking your dog to the vet. At Willard Veterinary Clinic, we take the stress out of bringing your cat to the vet!We are proud to announce that we are becoming a certified cat friendly practice. The biggest advantage we can bring you, as a certified cat friendly practice, is taking the stress out of bringing your cat to the vet. We do that by:

  • Providing a waiting room that is free of excessive noise, smells, and commotion
  • Conforming to the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) handling guidelines
  • Providing examination rooms dedicated to feline patients
  • Offering a comfortable setting for patients
  • Using American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) pain management guidelines
  • Ensuring a commitment to continuing education for feline medicine and surgery

We are working to make our veterinary practice as cat friendly as possible. We dedicate a special exam room for cats only, and have a cat friendly waiting area. We try to keep down disturbing smells and lower the stress level of your cat. We are always trying to alleviate the stress of transportation and aim to make your cat’s trip to the vet a comfortable and enjoyable one. Please contact us for more information about our cat friendly practice!

For more than 20 years, Willard Veterinary Clinic has provided dedicated veterinary care for the communities of Quincy, Boston, Dorchester, Milton, Braintree, Weymouth, Canton, Randolph, Hingham, Abington, Hanover, and Rockland. Contact us to see why we’re different!

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