Cats Hate Independence Day Too

Most of the information out there regarding pet stress during the Fourth of July is focused on dogs. This is understandable, as most dogs are pretty dramatic when it comes to demonstrating their displeasure for sudden, booming explosions in the sky.

But what about cats? Cats get stressed out too, but often their stress is harder to spot. Most cats show subtle signs of distress or simply disappear and hide out until things return to normal.

But it’s important to be aware of your cat’s anxiety and stress level. Anxiety and the stress that goes along with it can negatively impact your cat’s health. Stressed cats can develop urinary tract issues; may groom excessively, causing skin trauma; may stop eating; or may experience other health issues.

Here are some suggestions for making the holiday less stressful for your cat:

  • Even if your cat is normally an outdoor cat, keep them indoors.

  • Watch for changes in appetite, excess vocalization, trembling, hiding, abnormal grooming behavior, irritability, aggressiveness, and restlessness. These are all signs of feline stress.

  • Ensure your cat has a safe place to retreat.

  • Turn the lights out for your cat and close the window shades to hide the outdoor activities.

  • Comfort your cat by petting and speaking soothingly.

  • Use herbal remedies to help calm your cat. But always consult your veterinarian before using any medication for your cat.

Make sure that the holiday is as stress-free for your cat as it is fun for the rest of your family. Happy Independence Day!

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