Your Pet and Spring Cleaning

The snow has finally melted, the mercury in the thermometer is finally starting to rise, and we can all finally believe that spring is right around the corner. And one thing that goes hand-in-hand with spring is spring cleaning – a chance to open the windows, get rid of junk that’s just taking up space, and give everything a good scrubbing.

But before applying that elbow grease, consider this: Many household cleaners have toxic chemicals that can affect your cat or dog. Fragrances in some carpet and furniture cleaners are great for us, but they can be irritants for pets, especially cats, and may be the cause of some allergies.

Consider cleaning your home with more natural, pet-friendly ingredients. You can clean your carpets with baking soda and essential oils. Lemon or rose water with lavender will clean the floors, and the counters will shine with a combination of vinegar, water, lemon, and an essential oil of your choice.

As always, if you have any questions about pet allergies or ways to keep your pet healthy through the spring, Willard is always available to help!

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