Winter Tips for Your Pet

We’ve had a surprisingly mild winter so far, but there are bound to be more cold days in our future. So with that in mind, Willard Vet wants to offer a few tips to help you keep your pet safe in cold weather.

1.)  If you’re too cold to be outside, so is your pet. Fur can only protect him from the elements for so long. If your pet’s activity level slows down or he’s starting to burrow, it’s a good time to go inside.

2.) Make sure to wipe down your pet’s paws with warm water after she’s been outside. Salt used to melt ice can crack your pet’s skin and cause bleeding.

3.) Make sure your pet is well fed and well hydrated. Staying warm while outside consumes more energy than you’d think.E

4.) Even inside, pets will seek any heat source possible when they’re cold. Make sure that space heaters and fireplaces are pet-proofed.

5.) Winter is the most common time of the year for pets to get lost because they lose scent trails in the snow. Make sure your pet’s ID tags are up-to-date.

With these tips in mind, we hope you have a safe, fun, and warm winter with your pet.

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