Winter Safety Tips for Your Pet

It may not officially be winter, but when there’s frost on the windows and snow in the forecast, winter can’t be far behind. Here are a few tips to help keep your pet – especially an outdoor pet – safe in winter.

Antifreeze can kill. Did you know antifreeze is actually very sweet? That’s why it can be irresistible to some pets. And it doesn’t take lapping up much antifreeze to kill an animal. A cat can be poisoned just by walking through spilled antifreeze and then licking its paws during cleaning. If you suspect your cat or dog has been exposed to antifreeze, don’t wait to see if it acts sick. Take it to a veterinarian for treatment immediately.

Be aware of cats under cars. In cold weather, a car’s warm undercarriage can be a haven for a chilly cat. Even if you haven’t run your car in days, a cat may still seek the moderate protection found in your car’s engine compartment. Always bang on the hood of the car if it is parked outside, or even in a garage if your cat has access to it. Your car’s horn can also be a good tool to scatter hiding kitties.

Keep your pet safe during the holidays. We’ve expounded upon this in a previous blog, but it bears repeating: Every year, Willard Vet sees pets unnecessarily injured by holiday decorations, but if you follow a few simple tips, it should be a happy and healthy holiday for all members of your family. Keep pets away from chocolate, plants, holly berries and leaves, and tinsel. Call your vet right away if you think your pet has eaten something dangerous.
Walking pets in winter? Get reflective. Winter brings shorter days and longer nights, and when taking the pet out for an evening walk, your pet can be hard to see. Reflective collars are a good idea, as well as collars, tags, and leashes embedded with LED lights and blinkers.

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