Things to Look for When Choosing a Daycare for Your Pet

Summer is here at last! It’s the season for running through sprinklers, enjoying ice cream cones, and taking day trips. But what if your family is going on a trip to a beach that doesn’t allow pets or visiting friends who aren’t as pet-friendly as you are? Not that you’d have any of those …

You could leave your furry friend at home, but if he gets distressed over your absence, he could tear up the curtains or couch, or leave a more unpleasant symbol of his anger on the floor. Another option is to leave him at a pet daycare center. If you have to leave your pet behind during your fun day trip, make sure your pet is having just as much fun as you are by looking for a few things in a daycare center.


Make sure the daycare center you choose:


  • Has an area for your pet to nap comfortably during the day

  • Provides plenty of water

  • Has a plan in the event of an animal fight

  • Is able to deal with minor emergencies

  • Provides entertainment for the pets, like toys and places to run


A reputable facility will allow you to take a tour before you leave your pet. Make sure the facility looks and smells clean, and that the pets there seem happy. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Know the pet to caretaker ratio, ask about the training required of caretakers, and make sure you know about their discipline methods. Some facilities now have webcams available so you can check up on your pet whenever you want to. These places have great confidence in their staff, because when you’re watching Rover over the computer, you’re watching his caretakers as well. And keep in mind that you can always ask your vet for a good recommendation.


With these tips, you’ll find a great place to leave your animal for the day and can enjoy your day trip knowing your well-loved pet is in good hands.


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