Things to Do With Your Pet on a Rainy Day

The arrival of summer comes with it the expectations of sunshine, fresh air, and outdoor fun. For the most part those things are plentiful. But every once in a while, just to remind us all that we have no control over Mother Nature, there will be a day or two that’s a complete washout.

This tends not to matter much to indoor pets, but for active, outdoor animals, it can be a real downer. And if your plans were all based on getting out there, you have the potential for a sad tableau of you, the dog, and the cat all staring out the window at the rain, wondering what happened to summertime.

But being stuck indoors isn’t all bad. There are things you can do with your pets to pass the time. For example:

  1. This is one of those “I should really get to that” notions that tends to get swept aside when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, so take advantage of the indoor togetherness and do some brushing, trimming, and if necessary, bathing of your pets.

Curling up. All right, so the weather’s bad. The couch is still comfortable, though. Grab a good book, lay out some blankets and pillows, and gather your menagerie around you for some bonding and a little family rest and relaxation. And don’t be stingy with the petting!

Play. Depending on the size of your dog, it might not be practical to play fetch indoors, but most dogs are happy to engage in a little tug-of-war with you. And an inexpensive laser pointer can keep your cats occupied for hours.

Get-togethers. If you have friends or neighbors with pets, invite them over. You’ll have a chance to ride out the weather with some socializing, and so will your little friends. Nothing beats back the gloom like laughter and playful barking and meowing.

Rainy days tend to thankfully be few and far between this time of year, but if the drops are falling, take advantage of the time and make it a me-and-my-pets day. You’ll both have fun!

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