St. Patrick’s Day Pet Safety Tips

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and our patient pets and their families who live in the Boston area know how to do the holiday right.

While celebrating, keep a few tips in mind to ensure that the safety of your pet on this holiday is due to more than just luck.

Two staples of any St. Patty’s Day party are alcohol and corned beef, neither of which are very good for your pet. It only takes a small amount of alcohol for a pet to get alcohol poisoning, so make sure that any open containers are kept out of reach of your pet and guests are aware of your pet’s curiosity. The high salt content in many holiday dishes is terrible for your pet. No matter how cute your pet looks while begging, resist the temptation to give him a taste of corned beef.

The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston is legendary. If your pet is comfortable with crowds and well-trained on a leash, feel free to let her join in on the fun. Keep in mind, however, that costumes you put on your pet should be safe. They shouldn’t obscure your pet’s vision or be made of small parts your pet could chew off. And if you decide to dye your pet’s fur green, look for special dyes formulated to be safe for pets or made specifically for pets.

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