South Shore Vet Stresses Pet Holiday Safety

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be joyful times for humans. There are presents, festive food, decorations and visiting with friends and family that we don’t see often.  However, some of the same things that we humans enjoy can be dangerous for our pets. Avoid a holiday trip to the animal clinic by learning about what can be hazardous for pets around the holiday season.

Holiday Hazards for Pets

Food presents all kinds of perils for cats and dogs. Several popular holiday foods are enticing to pets, but toxic. These include chocolate, particularly dark chocolate and cocoa powder; raisins and grapes; onions, garlic, shallots and leeks; alcoholic beverages; yeast breads; candy; gum and baked goods sweetened with xylitol.

South Shore veterinarians provide holiday pet safety tips

Plants can also be dangerous to pets. Holiday favorites, such as poinsettias, Christmas cacti and mistletoe, are all toxic to cats and dogs. Decorations, too, should be carefully chosen in households with pets. Tinsel makes a sparkling lure to cats, but can be harmful if swallowed as it causes intestinal blockage.
Our veterinarians also caution pet owners to not let their cat or dog slip out of the house when holiday guests are arriving or leaving. If you are hosting a party and your pet gets anxious when there are a lot of people in the house, it might be best to board your cat or dog for the evening. Please let us know if we can help recommend a good boarding facility in the Milton area. Generally, you need to make your arrangements as early as possible and make sure that pet vaccines are up to date.

Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

1.) To keep your pet safe during the holidays, our veterinarian recommends clearing food off of the table as soon as the holiday meal is over and not leaving food unattended on low coffee tables. Toxic plants should be placed in areas inaccessible to your cat or dog.

2.) If you have a holiday pet emergency and need to find a vet in the Quincy and South Shore area, Willard Veterinary Clinic in Quincy offers a full range of pet services, six days a week. We can also make a referral to a 24-hour vet for after-hours emergencies.

3.) Do you make special arrangements for your pet during the holiday season? Do you take your pet with you when you travel? Share your experiences with our readers by leaving a comment below.

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