Protecting Pet Wellness: Holistic Vet Discusses Pet Toxins to Avoid

Our holistic vet Dr. Meg Connelly wants to warn pet owners about common pet toxins to avoid. This wet fall season has made more mushrooms pop up in the area, making lawns and nature walks a minefield for pets.

Mushroom poisoning can cause catastrophic liver failure and death, so for pet wellness, avoid them like the plague. Call our veterinary clinic for emergency pet services immediately if you suspect your pet has ingested any wild mushrooms.

Our Holistic Vet Urges Pet Owners to Avoid These Common Pet Toxins

In addition to mushrooms, Dr. Connelly and the rest of our veterinary team want to remind pet owners to be very careful about anti-freeze as they winterize their cars. The ethylene glycol in anti-freeze may be alluring for pets, but can be fatal to them. Make sure to clean up spills promptly, or keep your pet away from areas where leakage might occur.

As the holidays approach, our pet services team also warns against common human food toxicity for pets. Chocolate, raisins, grapes, onions, macadamia nuts, and foods containing Xylitol are highly toxic to pets and can kill them. If your pet has eaten any of these things, call our veterinary clinic right away.

Also watch out for any rat and insect poisons or traps you have set around the house. These can kill pets also, so keep them away. Our pet wellness team can also suggest less toxic ways of getting rid of pests to minimize the risk in your home.

Keep all human medications out of reach of pets too. Acetaminophen, NSAIDs, anti-depressants and other drugs are toxic to them. If you think your pet has swallowed any human medications, follow poisoning instructions on the label and call our pet services team immediately.

Protecting pet wellness also means keeping household cleaning supplies, personal care products, fertilizers, many types of house plants, paints and solvents out of reach as well. Can you think of any household toxins that we haven’t mentioned here?
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