Pet Wellness Tips from Your Quincy Veterinarians

Our South Shore pet veterinarian serves animals throughout Quincy, Milton and Dorchester, andour greatest priority is educating families aboutpet wellness. As your local veterinarian, we feel that preventing illness and injury is vastly superior to repairing the damage done to our pets’ health. We recommend taking preventative measures such as pet vaccinations, pet dental care, focusing on diet and exercise and so on. Our animal clinic team shares the following information on why these measures are important for keeping pets well and happy.

Pet Vaccinations and Beyond: Ensuring Pet Wellness

Pet vaccinations are an essential precaution that all pet owners can take to keep their pets from unnecessarily contracting severe and even deadly diseases. Rabies vaccinations are required, of course, and our animal clinic also administers several other types of safe and effective pet vaccinations designed to reduce the illness risk in your pet. We also recommend flea and tick preventatives to keep your pet safe from pest-borne illnesses.

Pet dental care has only started making headlines in the last few years, but it is just as critical to your pet’s wellness as it is to your wellness. Our local veterinarian can show you how to care for your pet’s teeth at home, and we also provide regular pet dental checkups and cleanings.

Pet nutrition and exercise is also just as important for pets as it is for humans. Pets can suffer pain and illness when they are not properly nourished and sit around too much, and we see far too many Quincy, Milton and Dorchester pets in our animal clinic that are on the paunchy side. These pets are at greater risk for injury, diabetes and other completely preventable problems.

At your pet’s regular wellness checkup appointment, we will discuss these and any other wellness concerns you may have for your pet, and suggest ways that you can make a difference at home, as well as preventative steps we can take here in our clinic.

Do you have other wellness tips or questions?

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