Pet Dental Care: At Home and at Our Animal Clinic

Imagine what it would feel like to go for weeks without brushing your teeth… this is the reality for about 80% of pets!

Neglecting your pet’s dental health leads to painful dental disease that can actually damage other organs. Dental care is a critical aspect of pet wellness; home dental care and professional cleanings in our clinic keep your Milton and Quincy pets healthy.

For Pet Wellness, Never Neglect Pet Dental Care!

Follow these critical pet wellness dental tips for a healthy pet (and be sure to call our animal clinic with any questions or for an appointment):

A thorough cleaning is done under anesthesia so our veterinarian can use a periodontal probe and get full mouth x-rays to chart dental problems. Annual dental cleanings with thorough examinations are recommended.

New Milton and Quincy pets should be trained early in life to accept a daily dental hygiene regimen, but older pets can also be trained. The keys are patience, persistence and generous praise. We can outfit you with the necessary equipment (a specially-designed toothbrush and pet toothpaste that comes in flavors cats and dogs enjoy). To begin:

•Choose the same time and place every day, preferably when your pet is usually calm and relaxed.
•Get down on your pet’s level—do not stand above him.
•Squirt a dab of pet (never human) toothpaste on your finger or the new toothbrush and just let your pet lick it on his own terms for a few days.
•Once your pet is used to this habit, gradually work up to massaging your pet’s teeth and gums with the brush and toothpaste. Always follow up with lots of praise.

We can also suggest dental diets and dental chew treats that hold back the bacteria and hinder plaque buildup.

What other tips do you have for brushing a pet’s teeth?

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