Our Veterinarian Answers Your Senior Pet Wellness Questions

Our Veterinarian Answers Your Senior Pet Wellness Questions

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, your cat or dog has the potential to live longer than ever before

However, as your pet’s life expectancy increases, so too do the number of health conditions that your pet may face. Many of the same age-related conditions that affect humans – including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer – can also affect cats and dogs.

Senior Pet Care at Willard Veterinary Clinic

Our Quincy puppy and kitten pet wellness program helps give your pet a healthy start in life. Now, our veterinary clinic’s senior pet wellness care program will help your pet enjoy his golden years.

Our veterinary clinic frequently receives questions about how pet owners can best support their aging pet’s health. Below, we’ve answered three of your most frequently asked questions.

When does my pet need senior care?

Your pet’s care needs depend on a number of factors include breed and size. For example, larger breed dogs may need senior care as early as five years of age, while toy breeds may not need senior care until 10 years of age. In general, our veterinarian recommends specialized senior care starting at seven years of age.

What does senior care entail?

Just like puppy and kitten wellness care, senior care includes additional check-ups to monitor your pet’s health. We recommend a semi-annual wellness exam, including diagnostic blood work. A full blood chemistry panel helps our veterinarian detect health problems like cancer or thyroid disease before physical symptoms are present. The earlier we can detect a health problem in your pet, the more we can do to support your pet’s health.

Will my pet’s diet change as he ages?

As your pet ages, he may be less active and consequently require less food to maintain a healthy weight. The addition of health supplements can support joint health and help manage osteoarthritis pain. Our vet will make specific recommendations based on your pet’s wellness needs.

Have a question about senior pet wellness care that we did not address? Post it below for an answer from our veterinarian!

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