New PetMatch App Unveiled

Okay — you can tell us. Are you still missing your beloved childhood dog who went to live on a farm while you were away at summer camp? Or maybe you’re trying to pull the old switcheroo on your kiddo who isn’t quite ready to face the death of her cat (not that we recommend this!). Perhaps you’ve seen an irresistible furry face floating across your computer screen. Or it could be that you’re the ultimate “Frasier” fan and want a little Eddie of your own. Well, now there’s an app for that.

PetMatch allows you to upload a picture of that beloved or coveted pet face and will then search for look-alikes in the country, letting you know which ones are closest to your hometown. Of course, the technology isn’t perfect. It focuses on the animal’s features, not the breed, and a blurry picture can fool it completely. And then there’s the personality factor. Your childhood kitty may have curled peacefully in your lap every night, but PetMatch could lead you to bizarro childhood kitty — one who looks just like sweet Whiskers, but uses your curtains to practice aerial stunts.

So this app is a fun one and could help you rediscover a furry lost love, but just remember: looks are important, but it’s the personality that keeps you lacing up your boots for a walk in frigid temperatures with your best friend.

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