Mixing Pet Services and Pet Wellness with Social Media

We know that most pet owners use the web to look for information about pet services and pet wellness.

We know that most pet owners use the web to look for information about pet services and pet wellness. Our Willard Veterinary Clinic team is now active onTwitterFacebook and Google + in an effort to provide a place for animal lovers to connect directly with us and each other while also being able to access a trusted source of pet health information through our social media pages.

We want to give pet owners an additional online venue for means of communication. Our website provides valuable information about our services and the type of care we provide, while our social media pages are geared more towards up-to-date news and interesting news affecting you and your pets.

Friend, Like, Tweet and Connect with Our Animal Clinic on Social Media

Community building is one of the main things we want to do on our social media pages. Ouranimal clinic in Quincy also serves pets throughout Milton and the South Shore, and one of the things we want to do is let people know about local pet-centered events. Whenever we find out about something going on in the area, or whenever we have an event going on here at the clinic, we will post about it on our social media pages. Make sure to “Like” us so you can get updates on pet services and events your pet might enjoy. You can also laugh at the many hilarious pet memes we have posted lately!

Also, asking questions and getting answers about pet wellness is one of the major purposes of our social media sites. There is a lot of information online about pet health, but unfortunately, not all of it is accurate. Stop by our pages and post questions directly to our veterinarian and veterinary team. You will be able to get direct answers, links to further information, and then share accurate information with your fellow pet lovers.

Do you maintain contact with us through our social media pages?
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