Learn Why In-House Radiology Matters for Pet Wellness Care

When a pet is sick or injured, we understand that pet owners need – and deserve – a prompt explanation for a pet’s sickness or injuries. 

In many cases, diagnostic tests are necessary to accurately determine the cause for a pet’s pain or the extent of a pet’s injuries. Thanks to our in-house diagnostic equipment, including digital radiology, our veterinary care team is able to promptly diagnose a pet’s health ailments as quickly as possible.

Digital Radiography Important for Reliable Vet Care

If you are new to our veterinary hospital or unfamiliar with veterinary diagnostic equipment, you may have questions about why digital radiography is important for reliable vet care. Below, our veterinarian has answered two of your most frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between digital radiology and traditional X-rays?

Traditional X-rays use film to record images of your pet’s bone structure, heart, lungs and other internal organs. To create the image, your pet must be exposed to radiation. While small amounts of exposure are not dangerous, our goal is to limit this exposure as much as possible. Using digital radiography significant reduces the amount of radiation necessary to create an internal image of your pet. Unlike traditional X-rays that must be “processed” before an image can be viewed, the results of digital radiography are instantly available – results appear on our computer monitor in just 30 seconds.

Why are digital X-rays important for pet wellness care?

Digital radiography gives veterinarian an instant snapshot of your pet’s internal bone structure. This allows our veterinary care team to quickly diagnosis problems affecting your pet’s health. Should a secondary opinion from a veterinary specialist be necessary, we can easily email your pet’s X-rays out for evaluation; this is not possible with traditional X-rays. We also use digital radiography as part of our pet dental care program, producing high-definition images of a pet’s teeth and their roots.

Not every animal hospital offers in-house digital radiology, which is essential to reliable vet care. Our Quincy veterinarian is proud to provide this important service to pet owners.

Has digital x-rays ever helped to diagnose your pet faster?

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