Keeping Your Pets Safe During Summer Cookouts

Well, the unofficial start of summer has arrived — Memorial Day Weekend! A time to get together with friends and family, to remember those who fought so bravely to preserve our freedoms, and to fire up the grill and bring on the cookouts!

But before the charcoal is glowing and the meat is sizzling, take a few moments to consider your pets’ safety. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to pets at a cookout.

Protection from the sun: It’s not a particularly well-known fact, but pets can suffer ill effects from too much sun exposure just as humans can. We recommend plenty of fresh water and shade to be available for your pet. Also, never leave a pet in a hot car. Even with the windows cracked, it can reach 120 F. 

Cookout food: The greasy, fatty, spicy foods that are barbecue staples can cause your pet to have an upset stomach, or even cause pancreatitis. Pets are sure to be insistent, so keep regular treats handy.

Post-cookout trash: Cookout trash often includes small bones that can be a choking hazard, so keep it contained under tight lids.

Bug repellents: Citronella candles, bug zappers, and bug spray can can harm your pet in myriad ways. If your pet is bothered by bugs, you can get a pet-safe bug repellent from your vet. You might also consider a flea and tick medication, and checking your pet for ticks after the cookout is over isn’t a bad idea, either.

Alcohol: Never give a pet alcohol, even as a joke. Alcohol can make pets seriously ill.

With just a few precautions, your cookout can be safe for people and pets alike. Enjoy your holiday!

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