Hurricane Preparedness for Pets

As Hurricane Sandy threatens the east coast, you’ve probably stocked up on all of the things your family will need to withstand a few days without power, like flashlights and batteries, canned goods, a few favorite board games, and plenty of pet food. As you prepare to weather the storm, we want to offer a few tips to keep our patients and their families safe.

Some parts of New England have been evacuated. If your family is in an evacuation zone, keep your pet safely crated or leashed during the evacuation. Remember that some cities have separate human and pet shelters, so make sure you bring identification papers or special care instructions for your pet along with you during the evacuation.

If you are staying close to home, the most important thing to remember is that pets feed off of your emotions. If you have a pet prone to anxiety, do your best to remain calm so that your pet also will remain calm.

During high winds and wet weather, don’t send your dog or cat outside to go to the bathroom. Set up a station in your house where your dog can go until the weather passes. Layers of newspaper or paper bags work well. Your dog will have to go against his training to use the station, so he might need lots of encouragement from you. A cat trained to use a litter box should be fine.

Keep pets close to the rest of the family. If your pet is prone to hiding during an emergency, consider crating him so you know where he is until the bad weather passes.

Stay safe during the storm, and be sure to contact us if you have any pet safety questions.

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