Holiday Pet Preparation Tips from Your Willard Veterinary Clinic

Willard Veterinary Clinic hopes that all the pets and pet owners in Quincy, Milton and our surrounding neighborhoods have a safe holiday season.

Before you get too busy with all of the activities that come up at this time of year, here are a few tips from ourveterinarian to get your pets ready, too:

•Get Pets Prepped for Family Photos: Pets are usually included in holiday photos, so be sure to set up a session with a professional groomer to make sure your pet looks great. You should also schedule an appointment at ourveterinary clinic for one of our services: pet dental care. Your pet’s teeth will look great for the family picture, their breath will smell better, and you can have their teeth and gums checked for any signs of oral disease.

•Make Pet Care Arrangements: Think about how your plans will affect your pets. Are you traveling somewhere with your pet? Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are current and ask our veterinarian for any travel tips. If you have a lot of guests coming over, some pets may get anxious. Consider professional pet boarding services to keep your pet in a calm environment.

•Fill Pet Prescriptions Now: The last thing you need is to run out of a pet prescription during a holiday event and then have to scramble to fill it. Use our convenient online pharmacy and knock one item off your list.

Our Veterinarian Advises Pet Owners About Holiday Hazards

Many holiday decorations can be dangerous to pets. Keep tree decorations and tree water out of your pet’s reach. Avoid decorating with tinsel, mistletoe, holly, poinsettias, and ribbons and keep chocolate out of sight. Also, be sure to conceal any electric cords.

Keep the number to our pet clinic close at hand in case emergency pet services are needed. If your pet will be staying with friends in Milton or Quincy, tell them we can be reached any time during clinic hours at 617-845-0730.

How do you include your pet as part of your holiday celebrations? Willard Veterinary Clinic wishes pets and pet owners alike happy holidays!

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