Hill’s New Food Features Nutrigenomics

Is your pet failing to lose excess weight despite your best efforts to give him exercise and a healthy diet?

What if you could get your hands on a prescription pet food that provides targeted metabolic benefits based on how the animal’s DNA influences his bodily processes? Well, now you can, thanks to the latest Pet Nutrition diet foods from your friends at Willard Veterinary Clinic.

The “secret ingredient” in Hill’s food is the concept of nutrigenomics, the idea that certain foods can actually influence genetic expression. As we learn more and more about the DNA of various animals, we see that certain foods may be able to switch individual genes “on” or “off.” This is major news, not only for pets but for humans as well, because many chronic diseases — including obesity and other metabolic disorders — appear to have a strong genetic component. By formulating food products to work on the DNA that controls specific health conditions, veterinarians can use predictive medicine to fight or even prevent such illnesses through prescription diets.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition products make use of nutrigenomics to deliver a precise mix of nutrients for whatever happens to ail your pet. Its Prescription Diet Canine food, for instance, is designed specifically to support and enhance a dog’s metabolism. The nutrients in this product allow your pet to burn fat more readily, encouraging your pet to lose excess fat without losing muscle mass in the bargain.

Available from Willard Veterinary Clinic

We are excited to be able to offer Hill’s Pet Nutrition foods to our furry patients who need a little extra help achieving a healthy weight. If your Quincy pet fits that description, contact our veterinary clinic today to schedule a consultation. We can evaluate your pet and precise measurements, determine whether he can benefit from Hill’s food, and use special measurements to monitor the weight loss as accurately as possible.

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