Help Your Pet Stay Cool This Summer With Some Helpful Tips From Willard Veterinary Clinic

Hot summer temperatures can mean serious trouble for your pet if you are not careful.

Dogs and cats do not cool off the same way humans do. Dogs try to keep cool by panting while cats will lick themselves and pant to reduce their temperature. If a pet becomes too hot, they are at risk for heat stroke. Our Quincy veterinarians have tips to help you keep your pet cool this summer.

To get your pet the immediate treatment he needs, it is important to recognize the signs of heat stroke. Our team at Willard Veterinary Clinic in Quincy point out that one of the first signs of heat stroke in a pet is heavy panting and trouble breathing.

A body temperature above 104 degrees Fahrenheit is a sign of heat stroke, as well. Pets suffering from heat stroke need to be seen by Willard Veterinary Clinic veterinarian immediately. Without immediate treatment, a pet’s organs can shut down, and they can suffer from seizures, and in some cases, die.

Keeping Pets Cool

There are three things to remember when preventing a pet from becoming overheated: water, shade, and fresh air. Never leave a pet in a car, even on days that are not very hot. The inside of a car can quickly reach over 110 degrees, even when it is in the 70s outside.

Give your pet plenty of water on hot days. Fill a bowl with ice water on hot summer days and have several other bowls of water at the ready. If you are traveling with your pet, bring along several bottles of water for him to drink from as you go. You can soak a towel in cold water and apply it to your pet to help cool down, as well.

If you do play outside with your pet, play in a shaded area. Try to wait until the temperatures are cooler, such as in the early morning or evening, to play with your pet outside.

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