Heartworm and Your Pet

Heartworm Prevention Tips
from South Shore Veterinarians

Spring is in the air and that’s not the only thing that’s buzzing – it’s time to start worrying about mosquitoes again. At Willard Veterinary Clinic, we want to remind pet owners in Dorchester,Quincy, Milton and the surrounding communities that April is Heartworm Awareness Month. It’s time to talk to our dog and cat vet about making sure your pet is properly protected against this potentially dangerous and possibly even fatal illness.

When a mosquito feasts on the blood of an animal that is infected with heartworm it can transmit that infection into an unprotected pet’s skin. The heartworm larvae migrate through your pet’s bloodstream and can eventually lodge in your pet’s heart or lungs, sometimes growing up to eighteen inches long, and causing severe damage. By the time symptoms appear, it may be too late. It can affect cats and dogs of all ages and breeds. That’s why our South Shore veterinarian recommends prevention as the best approach to helping your pet live a healthier life.

Heartworm Pet Meds From Our Veterinary Clinic

Our South Shore pet vet wants to let pet owners know that heartworm can be prevented with several affordable pet medications that are convenient to administer. We offer oral medications which are given monthly. These may even provide protection against some intestinal parasites. A topical medication that is applied monthly is also available. ProHeart is a time-released injection that lasts for six months, but it can only be administered to pets who are found to be healthy. Talk to our reliable veterinary staff about which option is best for your pet. Even if you are using one of these preventative measures we still recommend including a blood test to check for heartworms during your pet’s annual checkup as an extra safety measure.

What questions do you have about preventing heartworm in your pets? Leave us a comment below or contact one of the pet professionals at Willard Veterinary Clinic for further information.

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