Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is just around the corner and goblins young and old are busily preparing. But is your furry goblin also begging to get involved? Many people dress their pets up for Halloween and pet parents’ creativity knows no bounds when it comes to those costumes.

We’ve seen animals dressed up like food, movie characters, and even other animals. To make this a fun holiday for all, keep these tips in mind as you celebrate the holiday with your pet.

1.) Try your pet’s costume on him before the big day to make sure your pet handles it well.

2.) If your pet’s costume comes with a mask, it’s best to not use it. Animals don’t like having their vision partially blocked.

3.) The constant sound of the doorbell as trick-or-treaters come to visit can cause stress for some animals. If your pet is bothered by the sound, put her safely behind a closed door when plenty of food and water and a few toys.

4.) Watch for lit pumpkins within reach of an excited tail or a curious kitty. A well-placed wag of the tail or bat of the paw can cause an accidental fire.

5.) Another reason to keep pumpkins out of pets’ reach is that although they’re not poisonous, they can cause upset tummies.
6.) Keep Halloween treats away from your pets because they can be dangerous; call your vet in case of accidental ingestion. If you want your pet to have a special Halloween treat, try making some pet-friendly ones yourself.
With these tips, your family should have a great holiday. Enjoy your costumes and take lots of pictures!

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