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Pet Prescriptions Online at Willard Veterinary Clinic

Here at Willard Veterinary Clinic, we strive to make it as convenient as possible for you to provide excellent care for your pet. One of the many pet services we provide is an online system for ordering your pet’s prescriptions. Whether you’re right next door in Quincy or you live in Milton or another neighboring town, take advantage of our simple online prescription service.
Why Get Pet Meds Online?

When your pet is sick, it’s important that he takes his medication exactly as our veterinarian has ordered. If he suffers from a chronic condition or needs medication on a regular basis such as Order pet meds online from Willard Veterinary Clinicheartworm medication or anti-flea medication, it can cut into your weekly schedule making a special trip to the veterinarian’s office just to pick up his pet meds. It’s much simpler to log onto our website while you’re relaxing and take advantage of our online pet services.

Your pet’s prescription will be filled quickly and accurately and shipped right to your home. You’ll receive the medication in a matter of days without ever having to leave home. You’ll save time on other shopping trips, too, as we offer a full line of specialty pet foods, dental treats, skin treatments and other health-related items for dogs and cats. Our holistic vet is concerned with your pet’s entire overall health, and it shows in the variety of products we offer.

Good record keeping is essential for making sure your pet stays healthy, and using our online pharmacy is a great way to make sure we keep track of all your pet’s medication in one spot. Our staff reviews each order as it comes in to make sure you order the proper medication for your dog or cat. We then carefully record each medication, keeping detailed notes of each prescription.

Whether you’re in Milton, Quincy, Dorchester or in another nearby neighborhood, you can be sure you’ll get the correct medication for your dog or cat by ordering through our online pharmacy. It’s our job to make it easier for you to care for your pets, and this is just one more way we’re doing it.
Do you use the online pharmacy on our site? What’s your experience been like?

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