Don’t Succumb to Bad Habits in the Winter

It’s cold outside. And when the temperature drops and the sun goes down early, it is all too easy to stay curled up under a blanket by the fire instead of taking your dog out for a walk.

on chilly nights, you might enjoy the warmth of a furry body cuddled up beside you when normally, you wouldn’t allow it. But resist the temptation! 

Don’t let winter laziness set in when it comes to setting boundaries for your pet. If your pet is used to long daily walks and is just let into the backyard for a few minutes during the winter months, you might notice some behavior regression due to boredom and lack of mental and physical stimulation. Or that bedtime cuddle that seems so nice tonight could turn into you clinging to the edge of the bed tomorrow as your pets stretch out.

If your family is falling into bad habits with your pet and you notice some behaviors in your pet that you don’t like, gather your family members to determine how you’re contributing to those habits and behaviors. Then use the New Year as an opportunity to change them and get back on track. Sure, another cup of hot chocolate might look better than lacing up your boots for a chilly winter walk in the short term, but if you go ahead and take your pet for that walk, you’ll all end up happier in the end.

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