Do You Feel Guilty About Leaving Your Pets When Traveling?

The kids are out of school and travel season is upon us. To celebrate, conducted a survey of pet owners to see how they feel about leaving their pets when they travel. The answer? Guilty. No matter what they do, pet parents feel guilty. No one ever said parenting was easy …

Taking pets on vacation can be expensive. If you’re planning on bringing your pet on vacation with you, plan on spending an average of an extra $250 in airline and hotel fees. And then plan on worrying about the way your pet is being treated in the baggage hold. More than 75% of survey respondents said they worry about their pets’ safety on an airplane.

No problem, you might think. Just leave the pets at home. In that case, expect to pay about twice what you would in airline and hotel fees than you would if you take your pets with you. And if you imagine yourself sipping a cocktail poolside and feeling absolutely no guilt, you’re in the minority. More than 70% of pet owners feel guilty about leaving their pets at a kennel.

About 50% of survey respondents said that rather than deal with the guilt, they just travel less since getting a pet. Others, about 15%, worried about cost and pet safety, simply smuggle their pets into hotels and airplanes. There’s always the option of skipping the kennel and the added safety concerns around airline travel and asking a close friend to watch your pet while you’re on vacation. But you know how people feel about asking their friends for a favor like that? Guilty.

Whether you’re traveling with your pet or leaving him at home, we hope you can shake some of your guilt and enjoy yourself. Or just join the growing number of people who forego vacations after pet ownership and enjoy a nice relaxing staycation. Happy summer!

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