Dealing with Pet Allergies

About 15 to 30 percent of people who have allergies of any type are also allergic to cats or dogs – that’s a lot of people. And at least some of those people must be dog or cat lovers. What are they supposed to do?

If you have allergies, but simply can’t live without your furry friend, there are some ways you can reduce your allergy symptoms. First of all, keep your pet out of your bedroom so you’ll have one relatively dander-free area of your home. Also remember that air conditioning and forced-air heating can spread dander throughout the home. In order to keep your bedroom a safe haven, cover bedroom vents with a filtering material. Opt for wood or tile floors instead of carpet, but if you must have carpet, choose a low pile carpet and steam clean it often.

When you vacuum your carpet, wear a mask because pet dander can be easily stirred up by a vacuum cleaner. It is also a good idea to bathe your pet once a week and have someone without a pet allergy brush your pet outside to remove dander.

With these few tips, even allergy sufferers will be able to have a pet live in their home as a member of the family!

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