Dangers of Pet Obesity


There is a serious epidemic endangering the lives of American cats and dogs – obesity. More than 52 percent of the dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, as nearly 58 percent of cats.

Excess weight increases your pet’s risk for many serious health conditions, such as:

Insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes
High blood pressure
Heart disease
Respiratory disease
Cranial cruciate ligament injury, the most common knee injury in dogs
Kidney disease
Many forms of cancer
Decreased life expectancy – up to 2.5 years

Excess weight significantly decreases your pet’s quality of life. Being obese makes it difficult for your pet to walk, run, and play. He may become short of breath and fatigued easily. This means your dog or cat may miss his favorite activities, like going for a walk or chasing a toy.
Left unresolved, obesity-related conditions may require veterinary care. Your dog or cat may need medication, pet nutrition services, or even pet surgery in a Quincy animal hospital. Obesity is a chronic condition, so your pet may need long-term veterinary care to control her risks for obesity-related diseases.

Animal Hospital in Quincy Helps You Control Pet Obesity

Fortunately, your veterinarian in Quincy provides the support you need to help your pet lose weight. A Willard Veterinary Clinic veterinarian can determine whether your pet is overweight or obese. She will then perform a comprehensive examination and diagnostic testing to find out if your dog or cat has developed any medical conditions as the result of extra weight. Our veterinarians in Quincy are always glad to help you devise a pet nutrition and exercise plan to keep your animal companion at her optimal weight.

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Extend the length of your pet’s life and improve the quality by helping your dog or cat achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Your pet will love you for it.
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