Canine Influenza Outbreak in Essex County

Outbreaks of canine influenza typically occur when many dogs are confined to one area, such as doggie daycares, boarding/kennel facilities and dog parks. Unfortunately, our veterinarian at Willard Veterinary Clinic have discovered that four cases of canine influenza have been detected in Massachussett’s Essex County. 

While we don’t want to panic dog owners, we do want them to understand what symptoms to watch for and recommended treatment methods for dogs infected with the canine influenza virus. .

What You Should Know About the Essex County Canine Influenza Outbreak

Interestingly, canine influenza A H3N8 didn’t come from dogs but from horses. Somehow, the virus recently evolved to jump from horse to dog, and then from dog to dog. In 2005, canine influenza was deemed a newly emerging disease in the dog population. The Essex County canine influenza outbreak is currently traveling up and down Route 95, along the east coast and has reached Massachusetts.

Symptoms of canine influenza include coughing, fever, trouble breathing and nasal discharge. The main problem with this flu is that dogs can carry the virus for seven to 10 days before showing any symptoms. This gives the virus time to infect other dogs, especially when seemingly healthy dogs are kept in together in a kennel or daycare.
Laboratory testing of respiratory secretions or blood can determine whether a dog has the canine flu. Treatment consists of keeping the dog warm, comfortable and hydrated until the infection abates. Rarely do dogs become seriously ill with the virus. However, dogs with a greenish nasal discharge should be brought to our veterinarian because they may have a bacterial infection that we treat with antibiotics


Get Your Pet Vaccinations in Quincy For Canine Influenza

Fortunately, a vaccine exists to prevent dogs from contracting the canine flu virus. Get this vaccination and other necessary pet vaccinations in Quincy today so that your pets remain healthy, happy and disease-free.

Do you know anyone whose dog has contracted canine influenza? Do you plan on getting your dog vaccinated with the canine flu vaccine?

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