Can Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth Save His Life?


Our Veterinarians Explain Why Pet Dental is So Important

Teeth cleaning is as important for our canine and feline friends as it is for humans, and your favorite animal clinic in South Shore is equipped to assist in your pet’s dental care.

Keeping your animals’ teeth and gums clean leads to the prevention of a variety of health issues. If an infection in the gums gets into the blood stream, your pet could be in serious trouble. Annual visits to your veterinarian in South Shore office might reveal an ailment early enough to provide treatment, so come see us at Williard Veterinary Clinic least once a year for a teeth cleaning!Importance of Pet Dental Care

Issues That Arise Without Pet Dental Care

Halitosis – Bad breath can be caused when pet teeth cleaning at our South Shore animal hospital is not performed.

Diseases in organs – Heart problems can arise from dental issues that are left unattended.

Retained baby teeth – Dogs and cats should lose all baby teeth naturally. Gum irritation and tartar buildup will occur if all baby teeth do not fall out without intervention.

Other health issues – Our South Shore veterinarian will conduct a health screening during each visit. Dental issues that cause illness can be addressed before problems arise.
Tartar build-up – Food particles can remain on the teeth if pet teeth cleaning is not performed at regular intervals.

Periodontal disease – Almost 80 percent of all dogs over the age of three have periodontal disease because pet dental care has not been maintained.

Tooth pain and loss – Without proper care, dogs and cats can suffer in silence from tooth problems. Teeth will fall out, but the animal will suffer in the meantime.

Chronic mouth pain – Pet teeth cleaning at our veterinarian’s South Shore office can discover and correct tooth problems that are causing pain.

Worn teeth – Pets are hard on their teeth. Worn teeth can be a sign of a destructive habit, such as chewing on rocks instead of bones, which must be corrected.

Expensive vet bills – Neglected pet teeth cleaning can lead to healthcare issues that develop into serious illnesses.

Is your cat or dog in need of pet dental care at Willard Veterinary Clinic this month?

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