All About Fleas

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and unfortunately, fleas are hatching.

And at the same time, your pet may be spending more time outdoors. Every pet owner is familiar with the danger and annoyance fleas bring to their pets and homes, but not everyone knows just how many species of fleas are out there, just waiting to feed on your furry friend.

The cat flea is the most common type of flea you’ll see on your pets. But don’t let the name fool you — it’s equally content to feed from dogs (and you!) as it is to feed from your cat. It is also a carrier of the common tapeworm.

Like the cat flea, the dog flea is happy to feed from cats, dogs, and humans. It is also a carrier of the tapeworm and is commonly found on wild animals that you might see in your neighborhood, like raccoons.

The Oriental rat flea is the one responsible for carrying the bubonic plague. Although its preferred host is a rat, if there are no rats around, it will be happy to make its home in the fur of your pet.

The tropical hen flea prefers nesting in feathers instead of fur, but if there are no hens or other birds around, it will make an exception and feed from any other animal in the vicinity.

The rabbit flea is most commonly found on wild and domestic rabbits, but like all of the other pests on this list, it isn’t picky when it comes to making a meal out of an animal.

Believe it or not, the human flea prefers its host to be people, but that doesn’t mean it will leave your pet alone. If these pests make themselves at home in your house, no one is safe.

Before fleas become a problem, contact us at Willard Veterinary Clinic. We can discuss ways to prevent a flea infestation before it starts or help you battle one that’s already begun. Remember that when it comes to fleas, prevention is important. Treat your animal with a preventative flea repellant, wash your pet’s bedding often, and treat shady spots in your yard where fleas tend to lie in wait.

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