4 Summer Fun Pet Tips

Our South Shore Veterinarian Give Tips on Summer Fun

Scorching summer temperatures can make it difficult for your pets to comfortably exercise. As a pet owner, it’s important to choose summer activities that allow your dog to burn off energy without experiencing heat stroke. Here are four of our veterinary staff’s favorite summer pet activities:

4 Activities for Dorchester, Milton, Quincy & South Shore Pets

1. Swimming. Swimming is great exercise for dogs, especially when scorching summer temperatures make it too hot for playtime at the dog park. Whether you’re spending a weekend at the Cape or hanging out in your backyard pool, a refreshing dip is a fun (and cool) way tobond with your dog.

2. Hiking. Escaping the summer heat and heading for the mountains? Be sure to take your dogs along, too. Even a short afternoon hike is a fun way for dogs to explore, sniff flowers and chase bugs. A small dog pack allows your dog to carry his own water and a post-hike treat.

3. Evening walks. An evening stroll after dinner is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. The cooler nighttime temperatures will make the walk more enjoyable for your dog. Plus, your dog will enjoy chasing fireflies and listening to nighttime chirps.

4. Basking in summer sunshine. Chances are that your cat won’t want to be submerged in the kiddie pool or taken to the beach. Instead, position your indoor cat’s scratching pad or toys near the window so that she can enjoy the warm summer sunshine. Remember, cats, like dogs, can easily overheat, so keep the a/c or fans running.

While summer the perfect time to play with your dog outside, be sure that he’s protected against fleas and ticks. Our South Shore veterinary clinic strongly recommends that all pet owners choose a medicated flea and tick prevention treatment. We can help you decide whether a monthly chewable or topical treatment is best for your pet. The wellness pet services at our veterinary clinic keep pets healthy and active all summer long.

Questions about summer pet wellness care? Post questions for our veterinarian below!

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