4 Pet Wellness Tips to Keep Pets Healthy This Spring

Warmer spring weather means your pets may be spending more time outside – increasing the risk for fleas, ticks and contagious illnesses.

Keeping your pet up-to-date on vaccinations and using a medicated flea/tick preventative is critical to protecting your pet’s health.

Preventative Pet Services Keep Pets Healthy

Is your pet prepared for springtime? Follow these four pet wellness tips from our Quincy veterinarian:

#1: Use a medicated flea/tick preventative.

Warmer weather means that fleas and ticks are back in full force! These pesky parasites can spread disease and worms to your pet. Keep ticks and fleas away by using a medicated preventative that is applied monthly. Our veterinarian can recommend the right brand for your pet’s needs.

#2: Keep your pet up to date on vaccinations.

More time at the dog park also means that your pet is at greater risk for contracting a contagious illness from other dogs. To prevent the spread of common illnesses, both dogs and cats should be kept up-to-date on core vaccinations. Not sure about your pet’s status? Our vet is happy to check and administer booster shots, if necessary.

#3: Schedule your pet’s annual exam.

Pets of all ages will benefit from an annual pet wellness exam. During this exam, our vet will perform a full physical, conduct diagnostic blood work, and discuss your pet’s dietary needs. This annual check-up is an easy way to keep tabs on your pet’s health and identify potential problems before your pet’s health is compromised.

#4: Be smart about spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to assess your home’s pet-proofing. Keep all household cleaners and other potentially poisonous substances secured in cabinet using child locks. Check your garage and driveway for any antifreeze spills that may have occurred during the winter. Clear bathroom counters of pill bottles, toothpaste and other harmful substances that curious pets may mistake as “toys.”

Our veterinarian provides comprehensive wellness care pet services to safely keep your pet healthy and active this spring. Is your pet protected against fleas and ticks?

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