Appropriate Dog Vaccinations: for the Blue Hills

Appropriate Dog Vaccinations: for the Blue HillsThere are so many vaccines on the market, and lots of opinions on what you should or should not be doing for your pet. This can be an especially important descion if you are taking your pet hiking, exposed to the elements.  So straight from the doctor's mouth this is specialized list of what vaccines are reccomended for a dog hiking in Massachusetts! 


1. Canine Distemper Combination Vaccine (Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza): 

Carried by racoons, skunks and coyotes  can live on the ground for months-given as a combination vaccine. 

2. Rabies Vaccine:

Carried by saliva, bites or scratches from infected warm blooded animals. 

3. Lyme Bacterin Vaccine:

Carried by ticks from deer and white footed mice, 1 in 6 dogs in Massachusetts  tests positive for Lyme.

4. Leptospirosis Bacterin Vaccine:

Can destroy liver and kidneys, carried in urine of rats and wildlife, prevalent in Boston and surrounding communities, can live on the ground for months if it stays wet.


Optional: If your dog is this active they are likely to be in contact with many other dogs and are at risk for the following so it is good to be vaccinated for the following.

Bordetella Bacterin Vaccine:

Canine Influenza Virus Type 1 and 2:

Can live on surfaces, and is shed in body fluids ie sneezing, Flu virus can be shed  7 days before symptoms appear and cough from Bordetella can last for 2 months.


Vaccines are not the only important thing to keep in mind. The outdoors can have a lot of risks for your pet's health so here's a list of other issues that are important to know. 


Mosquito borne Dog diseases in Blue hills

1. Heartworm Disease:

carried by mosquitoes from infected dogs and coyotes.

Dogs should be taking monthly heartworm preventatives year round, some flea and tick products repel Mosquitos as well.


Tick borne Dog Diseases:

1. Lyme

2. Ehrlichia

3. Anaplasma

4. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can all be carried to humans and dogs in the Blue Hills from ticks


How to remove a tick: Slowly pull the tick straight back as not to break off the mouth parts, dispose with alcohol wipe. If you twist it or pull too fast it will fracture leaving mouth parts behind which cause reactions to the saliva. Disinfect with alcohol and apply neosporin.  


Soil and Water Borne Diseases:

*** Do not let your dog drink from the water. If there is green algae in the water, that is poisonous and lethal.  

1. Leptospirosis

2. Giardia

3. Algae toxins

4. E.coli from birds


A few last notes to remember are that reptiles host Salmonella and you should always assume all Mushrooms are in woods are poisonous. By keeping your pet up to date on vaccines, preventatives, and tests as well as knowing this outdoor tips you are helping keep your pet safer and happier!


For a more complete list of Infectious diseases in our area go to: