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Pet Loss and Memorials

Aftercare for Your Pet

Losing a pet can be an extremely painful experience. Some even liken it to losing a family member. When it comes to choosing what to do with the pet’s remains, however, gone are the days of kids carefully laying their pet to rest in the backyard. Today, pet funeral homes are a booming business. While there were too few to count just a few years ago, there are more than 700 in the United States today.

These pet funeral homes offer traditional cremation and pet burial services along with perpetual care of the gravesite, but pet owners who want to honor their pets in a completely unusual way have plenty of options. Companies sell blankets emblazoned with the pet’s face or stained glass portraits of pets. Headstones and memorial monuments for the garden are available, as well as beautiful urns and velvet-lined caskets. Some find the idea of freeze-drying a pet or calling a taxidermist endearing, while others find it plain creepy. There’s even one company that can take the cremains of your beloved pet and turn it into an artificial diamond that you can wear to keep part of your pet close.
Mourning a pet is a painful and deeply personal experience, and it’s nice to know that however you choose to grieve, there are companies that can help you do it.