Veterinary Resources

General Interests – A great source for reliable veterinary information – Supporting Veterinarians through Diagnostic Imaging – Our Therapy Laser website – Answers from veterinarians about your pet’s health, behavior, and care – Information about cat vaccines and taking your cat to the vet – Diabetes in cats – Treating and managing heart disease in dogs – Leptospirosis (lepto for short) is a growing concern for dog owners throughout the United States, including cities, suburbs and rural areas. – Protect your dog from ticks and diseases  – Dental disease information for pet owners  – Pet weight control; Obesity facts and risks  – This site focuses on infectious diseases of companion animals, with an emphasis on zoonotic diseases – diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people. – Pet Poison Helpline website – Vetzlife Dental Care -Very effective and easy to use, just a few sprays every night before bedtime on your pet’s gumlines and the Vetzlife works all night reducing tartar build-up and eliminating bad breath! – Adequan joint care website – Our microchip company – Cornell Feline Health Center – Feline Asthma – Canine Influenza – American Heartworm Society

Pet Health Insurance – Embrace Pet insurance – Contact Embrace Pet Insurance for your special code and start learning about the right insurance plan for your pet today! – Petshealth Care plan VPI Pet Insurance Petfirst Insurance Healthy Paws Insurance