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One of the most overlooked procedures of responsible cat and dog ownership is pet dental care. Cat and dogs are just as susceptible to periodontal disease as their owners. And, just like humans, dogs and cats need regular dental examinations and cleanings. But, what other pet dental processes are available and how does one find a reliable vet willing to provide them?

High Quality Pet Dental Care Services

We offer an extensive array of pet dental treatments closely related to those most pet owners would expect from their own dentist office. The only real difference between human dental care and that for animals is that the procedures are completed by a veterinarian instead of a dentist.

Pets should have their first dental examination early in life between eight and twelve weeks in age. The vet will determine whether the teeth are growing in as they should be or whether they are supernumerary or retained baby teeth. Supernumerary teeth cause crowding problems, allowing food and hair to pack between teeth and often pushing adult teeth towards the center of the mouth preventing the mouth from closing properly. Consequences include pain, infection and inability to consume food. A vet will often then determine if the tooth needs removal or can be left. From there into adulthood, examinations and cleanings should continue yearly.

Willard Vet introduces all inclusive Pet Dental Care Services in South Shore, Quincy, and Boston MA.Some of the pet dental care services Willard Veterinary Clinic proudly offers:

TEETH CLEANING includes scaling by hand and with a cavitron scaler, (high speed water probe). In this process, plaque and tartar are scraped from the teeth and under gums.  The usually happens while under anesthesia because an animal won’t say “Ahh.” Click here to learn more about pet teeth cleaning.

ROOT PLANING is a process in which a veterinarian smoothes the diseased portion of the tooth to provide rejuvenation. Often the diseased gum is removed and healthy gums are flapped back to allow complete cleaning of the tissue around the tooth root. Then the healthy gum is reattached.

EXTRACTIONS involve the removal of a tooth from the cat or dog’s mouth. This can be due to a variety of circumstances, including abscesses, bone loss, fractures or impacted teeth. Click here to learn more about pet tooth extraction.

Tired of searching for a reliable vet offering pet dental care? We are confident you won’t be disappointed if you choose Willard Veterinary Clinic. We provide the quality care you have been looking for. We are happy to serve dogs and cats all over Quincy, Milton, and surrounding areas. Call us with any questions or to schedule an appointment 617-845-0730